• Green market is no more a « niche »
  • Competition is fighting for winning market shares
  • Use your internal expertise
  • Benefit from your past and current experiences
B4Green projects your organisation in its future
  • Strategy and policy marking
  • Organisation & project set up and implementation
  • Removal of obstacles
  • Communication of results

B4Green consulting allows you to integrate your product environmental policy to your business with care for efficiency and relevance.

Value added to your business: LEVERAGE your organisation, your teams and your products and COMMUNICATE internally and to your customers.

– Identification of the context, internal to the company (products, supply chain, market, environmental policy…) and external (surroundings, competition, standards, technical references, certification schemes…),
– Identification of answer tracks to the context,
– Collective presentation, trainings, choice of the proper strategy, project shape,
– Set up of your project: objectives, work breakdown structure, deliverables, milestones, timeframe, means, team,…
– Sharing of best practices and organisation feedback in support to operational teams,
– Support and follow up of the implementation,
– Verification of implementation homogeneity within teams.