• Product sustainability is a complex technical domain
  • Specialised service providers have very heterogeneous level of answers and costs
  • Avoid being outdated by your service provider
  • Avoid project drifts
B4Green guides your organisation
  • From the call for tender definition to the project pilot
  • Technical support adapted to your quality and decision criteria

B4Green consulting guides you to choose the appropriate service provider.

Value added to your business: RELY on your service provider in a complex technical domain.

– Identification and support to the formulation of your business need,
– Support to call for tender in terms of technical content and decision criteria,
– Identification of appropriate service provider contacts,
– Support to fundraising,
– Support to evaluation of tenders and participation to bid defense meetings,
– Technical follow up of the chosen service provider.

Areas covered:
– diagnosis (Life Cycle Assessment – LCA, water footprint, carbon footprint),
– study (state of the art, life cycle inventories development – LCI… ),
– regulation and/or standard watch,
– tool and software (LCA, ecodesign, communication),
– communication (environmental declarations – EPD, PEP Ecopassport, PEF, labelling, ecorating, regulatory communication…).