• Reduce the costs of your environmental programme
  • If not you, someone else will, without considering your position
B4Green relays your organisation
  • Technical/standardisation committees
  • Working groups
  • Publications
  • Development of PCRs/rules

B4Green consulting relays your organisation in relevant technical and standardisations committees or working groups.

Value added to your business: ACT because if it is not you, someone else will do it, without considering your position. ANTICIPATE to reduce the costs of your product environmental policy.

– Identification of the context, internal to the company (products, supply chain, market, environmental policy…) and external (initiatives, standards, referentials, working groups…) to choose the relevant decision making fora,
– Suggestions, choice of the fora of intervention and participation,
– Reporting to the organisation, training,
– Support to your positionning,
– Relaying your positionning in the fora of intervention of your choosing.