• LCAs, PCRs and EPDs must follow technical rules
  • EMS must comply with ISO requirements
  • Internal referential must be liable and rooted in solid principles
  • Third party verification is sometimes mandatory (communications or certifications)
  • Third party intervention is recommended for showing process/system liability to stakeholders
B4Green verifies and audits the compliance against defined rules
  • LCA and EPD experimented consultant
  • ISO 14001 auditor
  • PEP ecopassport® verifier

B4Green consulting acts as an independant third party to control the compliance of your approach to rules of reference.

Value added to your business: ATTEST the liability of your approach.

– « Audit » of your organisation’s compliance to the implementation of internal rules or external referentials (offices, subsidiaries, suppliers…),
– Mock audit OR support to the implementation of certification rules (ISO 14001/ISO 14006, Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress©),
– Verification of Type III environmental declarations in compliance to PEP Ecopassport rules or XP C08-100 standard,
– Verification of Product Category Rules compliance and consistency to programme or standard requirements,
– Critical review of Life Cycle Assessment in compliance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044 serie and ISO 14071 standards.